Wednesday’s Website Tips #16

Wednesday's Website TipsA navigation bar that has too much going on is frustrating to your website visitors. They don’t know where to start to get information. On the other hand, carefully placed links are an invitation to keep on browsing a website.

Clean Navigation Bars

A home tab, while not necessary, is always a good idea. If your readers found more than one of your homepage posts interesting, likely they will want to navigate back to your homepage. Make it easy for them by placing a home tab on your navigation menu.

Your choice of words will make it easier for them as well. If you were a real estate agent, you might want a For Buyer’s tab and a For Seller’s tab. An Info for Investors tab might catch the attention of investors visiting your website. Be specific, but keep it simple.

Limit the number of tabs – make it too busy, and as mentioned, you will drive your visitors away.

Wednesday’s Website Tip

Clean-Up Your Navigation Bars

Carefully Choose The Names Of Your Tabs

Limit The Number of Tabs