Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Blog Copy

Creating Real Estate Blog CopyThere are a number of things that can be done to improve real estate blogs. Keep in mind that, unless done properly, your blogging efforts can do more harm than good. With a few tweaks, you can increase credibility and reach your audience as intended.

1.    Headlines That Work

List headlines work. I have to admit that when I do a Google search that there is a 25 Ways to … blog post, I will take the time to see what they have written. After all, some thought has gone into writing down “25 ways to” anything.

There are other ways to get your readers attention and Copyblogger has taken the time to write them out for you. 10 Amazing Headline Formulas

2.    Up-Close and Personal

You want to share who you are with your clients and potential clients. They might want to know a bit about your interests or your history. However, be sure to write in a way that doesn’t eat away at your own credibility. For this reason, rants should be used cautiously.

3.    Short Paragraphs

We all learned the proper way to write a paragraph in English class. Your blog is not an English class. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to check for typos. However, if you use longer paragraphs in blog copy, you will lose your readers quick.

Today’s website visitor will scan your article or blog post, so they want you to get to the point and do so quickly. We can’t afford to spend a lot of time on wordy paragraphs.

4.    Writing For Your Audience

This may not seem like an “Ah Ha” statement, and it’s over used perhaps. However, writing a lot of blog posts about loan modifications might not bring you listings. Those who are looking for a loan modification want to be educated about loan modifications.

These tactics work once in a while, but why not write for the audience that you are looking to attract? Instead write for move-up sellers, sellers who are underwater on their loans, or those who don’t know that we’re in a seller’s market (when that’s the case).

5.    Write Often

Structure is important; we all get that. However, how often you write is just as important as structure. In fact, it’s been said that publishing regularly is “more important than writing that perfect article. Real Estate Tomato Said It Best

So if you are looking for ways to improve your real estate blog copy, improve your headlines, share just enough of who you are, write for your audience and in shorter paragraphs, and write often. Happy Blogging!

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