Tips to Repurposing Your Articles and Blog Posts

Repurpose Blog PostsYour previous blog posts have value. Think of the time and effort you spent while writing each of them. Yet, coming up with new material is difficult for some. Repurposing your articles and blog posts can help when creating content.

Create a Summary Blog Post

How many times have your written on the same topic? If you specialize in a specific area, it’s likely that you have created blog posts on the same topic many times. This is where  repurposing comes in.

Create a summary blog post where you take several of your posts, summarize them, and create a link to the original. Remember to keep your summary fresh as Google doesn’t like duplicate content. 

Be Selective

Let’s be honest, not all of your blog posts have been successful on Google Analytics. So take your top-performing posts and repurpose them. You will extend the reach of your content and watch your traffic grow.

Use Pinterest to Repurpose Blog Posts

We know that adding an image to your blog posts is good for illustrating points, will boost your SEO, and will serve to break up a page of words which can be boring.

Why not take advantage of Pinterest to repurpose your blog post? If you add images, which is always a good idea, to your blog post, pin them to your Pinterest boards.

Create an E-book

Again, we don’t write only one blog post on a subject. We usually write several. Repurpose them by combining them all into one e-book. Take it one step further by offering them as a free download in the sidebar of your blog.  

Whether you repurpose your articles and blog posts by rewriting them, creating a summary blog post, or creating an e-book, keep one thing in mind. Search engines are looking for fresh content and frown on duplicate content. Therefore, you must reword the content. Use your goldmine of content, but make it fresh and unique.

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