Systemize Your Real Estate Business to Succeed

Systemize your BusinessInvest the time to create systems, and watch your business grow.  Without them in place, many hard working business owners find themselves tied to their work. With them in place, which is only limited by our imagination, businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

The goal is to create systems where your business can run on “auto pilot” … systems where your business can run even when you can’t physically be there.

How do you systemize your real estate business to succeed?

Determine What Systems You Need in Place

Most real estate offices have a system in place for Transaction Coordination. However, there are many other systems that could be created that would take your business to a new productive level.

What needs to be systemized? This is where you sit down and think of what is important to you.

    • Lead Management
    • Listing Coordination
    • Social Media Management
    • Blogging Schedule
    • Contact Management
    • Newsletter Creation
    • Closing Coordination
    • Home Showings
    • Open Houses

Pretty much anything can be systemized in real estate. The idea is to create a system for each aspect of your business so that nothing falls through the cracks. Easier said than done. It’s true, however, I’ve seen it in practice and it was impressive.

Create Processes

You can have processes for every aspect of your business.

    • Meeting with new clients
    • Buyer’s checklist
    • Seller’s checklist
    • Escrow checklist
    • Closing checklist
    • Home inspection checklist
    • Due Diligence checklist
    • Again, the possibilities are endless

Put Yourself In Your Client’s Shoes

It’s easier to systemize your real estate business to succeed when you consider your clients wants and needs. Why are they contacting you? Is it to find out where you are with their listing? Put together a system to care for those needs.

If you take a little time and think of what your phone calls or appointments are about, it’s easy to know what needs to be systemized.


The best of efforts will fail you when they haven’t been implemented. Pat yourself on the back that you have created systems for your real estate business to succeed and put them to work.

When you determine what systems need to be in place, create the processes necessary for things to run smoothly, and implement those systems your cliewnts will notice.  They will be impressed with how productive and organized you are.

Need help creating systems? Contact us. We can help.