Reduce Your Workload By 50% With A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Reduce Your WorkloadThe beauty of my work is that I get to see firsthand how much can be accomplished when a real estate professional and a virtual assistant team up on a project. You can reduce your workload by 50% with a virtual assistant.

Let’s Talk Retraining         

Sometimes as a virtual assistant, I will get a call from a real estate agent who has just lost their on-site assistant. Things get serious when, in a day, they need to find someone to fill their assistant’s shoes. This is where we come in.

Once we have become familiar with your system and programs, we can quickly work with you to keep your business on track.

Create Systems

I’m big on systems, as things can fall through the cracks when systems aren’t in place. Online office systems are a great place to start. I work with an agent who has everything online for his team – everything from the buying and selling process to the lease process…and it works.

Evernote is a great way to create systems as well. What I love about their checklists is that when you’re ready to use the checklist again, all you have to do is select the Format tab, click to-do, and select uncheck all.

Failing to Utilize Your Virtual Assistant

To reduce your workload by 50%, you can’t fail to utilize your virtual assistant. While it’s ok to figure it out as you go, you need a plan.

What do you want them to help you with: Contact management, listing coordination, blogging, social media management, research, or simple data entry. These are the areas that we can help you to reduce your workload.

Don’t Worry About the Distance

I hear it over and over again … “I’m concerned about the distance.” While that’s understandable, the distance hasn’t been a problem for me – ever.

Communicating can be done by text, Skype, email, or phone. It’s very similar to an on-site assistant. You would contact them with these methods if you were away from the office.

How Much Can Be Delegated

You can delegate as much of your workload as you need or want to your virtual assistant. Ask your virtual assistant for a list of their skills. This shouldn’t be hard for them to provide you with. I have an excel spreadsheet with a list of all of my skills categorized.

It’s possible to use your virtual assistant to reduce your workload by 50 percent. Schedule a free one hour consultation  and we can discuss how we can help you to reduce your workload too.

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