Twenty Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Blog

Blogging for Real EstateEvery Realtor wants to be seen by their clients as an industry expert. They spend time and money building stellar websites with everything on it a buyer or seller could possibly want. It has it all:  An IDX, calculators, useful links, community pages, and resources. It has articles and guides for buyers, sellers, and investors. Does it have a blog, though? I hope so, because there are good reasons why real estate agents should blog.

If it had to be narrowed down to two answers, I would say that a real estate blog will increase exposure to your website and present you as the real estate professional that you are. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why Realtors® should blog.

Twenty Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Blog

√  Showcases your skills

√  Positions you as an industry expert

√  Increased SEO for your website

√  Increased exposure for your website

√  Studies show that blogging attracts more business than a website does

√  Builds an interested audience

√  Potential clients are looking online

√  Draws local buyers and sellers

√  It sharpens your skills

√  To generate leads

√  Draws targeted website visitors

√  Website visitors want to be educated and not sold to

√  Attracts inbound links

√  Builds trust with clients and potential clients

√  Provides another nugget to share with your social media connections

√ Introduces you to buyers who might not have found you

√  Provides content that you can pass on to your email list

√  Your competitors have a blog

√  Clients aren’t always loyal – Give them reasons to stay

√  You can present local open houses – Builds local website visitors

Hit and miss, anything, doesn’t pay off. Like any other real estate marketing, you must continue blogging on a regular basis, at least once a week. It matters with search engines; it matters with your readers.

There you have it – twenty reasons why every real estate agent should blog. A real estate blog is nothing but a win-win for you and your business. It benefits your readers and clients and showcases your expertise and skills as the top producing agent that you are.

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