Drip Campaigns for Realtors

Auto responders are essential to conversion of your prospects into buyers and sellers.  While there are many prepared drip campaigns in just about any real estate CRM available, I hear one thing from real estate agents. “I don’t like them.” “They’re not me.”

Email Drip CampaignsFor this reason, customized drip campaigns for Realtors® can work to your advantage, as they would speak in your own voice. Whether it’s a polished, professional image that you want to convey or a more relaxed image, your email campaign should never feel canned to your readers.

Today’s buyers and sellers are informed, so you must speak to them with unique, informative drip emails. Well timed, customized drip campaigns that speak to your prospects point the recipient to a link with valuable information on your website. This will differentiate you from those who use canned email campaigns. To be effective, they:

  • Must Use Your Own Voice
  • Cannot Come Across As Spammy Or Canned
  • Must Provide Valuable Information
  • Need to Educate Recipients
  • Should Be Updated Regularly

Types of situations where you will need more specific drip campaigns:

  • Buyer Campaigns
  • Seller Campaigns
  • Investor Campaigns
  • Introduce a Series of Tips or How Tos
  • Credit Repair Tips
  • Home and Garden Campaigns
  • The Possibilities Are Endless

If you’re too busy to write your own drip campaigns and understand their important role in your lead generation and conversion process, contact us. We would be happy to help.