Wednesday’s Website Tips #10

Wednesday's Website Tips

If you have ever had your content plagiarized by another website owner, you understand that it’s no laughing matter. Duplicate content can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. It happened to me; I was checking how well one of my pages was ranking on Google and found out that someone had plagiarized one of my pages. Add insult to injury – she was placing one place higher than I was.

Fortunately for me, she had a comment box on the bottom of the post which I used to try to contact her. Finally, after attempts to reach her by email, I contacted her through her Facebook page. Nothing nasty, I just asked her to contact me and respond to my email. In this case, she took  it down immediately after apologizing and saying that she didn’t mean any harm.

Plagiarism Is No Laughing Matter

Use Plugins To Prevent Plagiarism

Use Copyscape to Detect Duplicate Content

Take It Seriously And Contact The Website Owner