5 Easy Steps to an Organized Office

Organize Your Office

While the old saying that an organized home is the sign of an empty mind is cute, a disorganized office is a distraction and will cost you in terms of productivity. Clutter destroys creativity. Do you find yourself arranging and rearranging the same files and papers over and over? Are you constantly looking for that […]

6 Tips to Managing Your Email

Email Management

Much of my work is delivered to my email inbox. It’s one of the first things that I check each day, because from there my entire day as a REVA (real estate virtual assistant) can change. Creating a solid email system that works is possible and will result in increased productivity. Use Your Subject Line […]

8 Point Email Management Checklist

8 Point Email Checklist

There are plenty of systems out there. Some are fun to use like The Email Game and some are just good common sense. Either way, the quickest path to some extra time is to create an email management system and stick to it.        Read your mail once        Answer what you can immediately        […]