You Need Two of You – Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Do You Need Two of You

Are you looking to increase your client base, but hesitate because you are already spending too much time on your business? You need two of you. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but it’s not necessary.  A real estate virtual assistant can help you to free up your hours – time that can be spent building […]

The Real Estate Virtual Assistant – How We Can Help

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Help

More and more real estate agents are relying on their virtual assistants to support them to ensure that their listings get maximum exposure.   The time that you spend prospecting and following up with your buyers and sellers can eat away at your day if you have a big enough client base. A REVA, real estate […]

The Truth About Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Real Estate Virtual Support

You’ve been thinking about using a real estate virtual assistant, but you’re not completely convinced. The truth is that they’re growing in popularity, because the relationship between real estate agents and virtual assistants works so well. Some are saying that real estate virtual assistants have drastically lowered their expenses. Others have said that using REVAs […]

Don’t Be the Best Kept Secret in Town – A REVA Can Help

Best Kept Secret

You definitely know the real estate business inside and out. As a top producing agent, you’re busy, and your business is on the go.  At the same time, are you only spending time with your current client base, or are you generating new leads? With a real estate virtual assistant, there is no need to […]

Tips to Repurposing Your Articles and Blog Posts

Repurpose Blog Posts

Your previous blog posts have value. Think of the time and effort you spent while writing each of them. Yet, coming up with new material is difficult for some. Repurposing your articles and blog posts can help when creating content. Create a Summary Blog Post How many times have your written on the same topic? […]

Run Your Business – Don’t Let It Run You

Two Businessmen Running in Office

Do you run your business or is your business running you? If you have it backwards, like many do, it’s time to consider what you can do to turn things around. It’s easy to put your business in auto pilot and have more time for what’s important to you. Streamline Operations and Get Your Life […]

Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Social Media for Realtors

Where are potential clients now looking to determine your credibility?  One word … online. They will Google you, take a look at your website, and look for your Facebook and Twitter accounts. From these sources, they will determine your credibility. In fact, through social media, they will define who you are and what you stand […]

Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Blog Copy

There are a number of things that can be done to improve real estate blogs. Keep in mind that, unless done properly, your blogging efforts can do more harm than good. With a few tweaks, you can increase credibility and reach your audience as intended. 1.    Headlines That Work List headlines work. I have to […]

Project Management Made Simple

Project Management Made Simple

Project management involves organizing, creating processes, and managing projects that must be accomplished to meet any goal. Successful project managers must balance and efficiently manage both people and time. This can be accomplished through a simple 3 phase formula which involves planning, execution, and implementing. Though it’s a simple formula, it’s not a simple process. […]

Tips to Improving Your Real Estate Blogging

Blogging Services

Catch their attention right away or don’t waste your time blogging. Whether we like it or not, this is one of the tips to writing real estate blog copy that can’t be ignored. For some, it’s the most challenging. My Favorite My favorite piece of advice came from the Real Estate Tomato. Their advice? Pretend […]