50 Great Closing Gift Ideas

Shopping for Gifts

Thoughtful Closing Gift Ideas

Many thoughtful real estate agents give their clients closing gifts after their home closes escrow. This is in addition to the great “above and beyond” service that they have provided. The thought that goes into their choices can be amazing; not necessarily expensive but amazing. While flowers and candy are great, the more creative gifts will be remembered as your clients use them over and over again.

I’ve searched the internet for some great gift ideas that you might give to your clients to make a lasting impression. Please stay within your state regulations. However, maybe you will find something here that you can use.


  • Sodastream Soda Maker
  • Shari’s Berries
  • Starbucks card
  • Tickets for the movies
  • Tickets to sporting events
  • Edible arrangements
  • Tickets to a nearby amusement park
  • Have flowers delivered to their work
  • Toy chest
  • Chocolate – lots of chocolate
  • “Welcome to Your New Home” sheet cake
  • Gym membership


  • Picnic basket
  • Champagne with glasses in a basket (with flowers)
  • Cookie basket
  • Pool party basket
  • “Day at the beach” basket

For the Home

  • Artwork from a local artist
  • Outdoor planters
  • Shrubs
  • Pool toys
  • Charcoal sketch of their new home
  • Custom welcome mat
  • Stamps with picture of the new home
  • Magazine subscription for each family member
  • Personalized cutting board
  • Fancy spice rack
  • Wall hanging
  • Wooden wall growth chart (will last for 20 years – Mom sees to that)
  • Monogrammed guest towels
  • Door wreath
  • Get Grandma involved – photo book with treasured family photos
  • Tree for their yard


  • Prepaid handyman
  • Donation to a charity of their choice
  • Gift card to a home improvement center
  • Prepaid Visa or MasterCard – they choose the gift
  • Give Mom a day off – maid service for a day


  • Personally take them out to dinner
  • Have a local locksmith re-key the house
  • Carpet cleaning service
  • If they’re expecting – a gift card at the local baby shop
  • Move-in day pizza delivery
  • One month’s lawn service
  • “Welcome Home” book (pics and quotes from them – assembled in a photo book)

Costly for Higher End Homes

  • Garage door opener
  • Home warranty
  • Replace a broken microwave
  • Pool cleaning for 6 months
  • Catered house-warming party

Above all, listen. Did they mention something that would look great in the house? What a thoughtful gift that would make. If something is worn out, such as a fireplace screen, purchase a new one, with a bow of course, and present them with that gift after the home closes escrow. One agent gave steamed crab, because they had heard the client say that they loved seafood. There is no need to be cheesy and include a lot of marketing material with the gift. Remember, it’s a gift and they will remember you. Your REVA (real estate virtual assistant) can place the order for you so that  it is received within a specified number of hours after closing.

Ask your wife, ask your husband, ask your children, and you may come up with even better closing gifts. Above all, never forget the spirit of your gift. It’s not about the referrals and what you will get back. Your gift is a thank you. Happy giving!!!