Mistakes To Avoid When Blogging For Real Estate


Bloggng for Real Estate


Blogging showcases your expertise, establishes credibility, and builds audiences.  However, there are mistakes to avoid when blogging for real estate.

With the right strategy, you can hold your reader’s attention, and with the wrong strategy, they will run screaming from your website.  For your website visitors to take you seriously, you must take your blogging efforts seriously. Remember the  mistakes to avoid when blogging for real estate and develop a blogging strategy.

The Wrong Strategy – Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging For Real Estate

Plagiarism: Don’t go there. You know it, I know it, and the one who has had their content taken knows it the best. Yet, I have seen entire eBooks plagiarized. There’s no excuse for it and it discredits your credibility.

Avoid Rants: While everyone has done a rant post from time to time, they should be used judiciously. Remember the reason someone has landed on your website page and blog about what they care about.

Infrequent Posting: This is not to be taken lightly. Not only will your readers notice when you post every now and then, Google will too, and it weakens your ranks in the search engines.

Failing to Use Images: Are you adding images to your posts? If not, this is a mistake you want to correct. According to Forbes: “Using images also helps keep readers engaged on a blog post by providing visual and psychological breaks, which are especially useful for longer posts.” Images won’t hurt your SEO efforts either.

Only Listings:  While they want to see your listings, they also want to get a feel for whether or not you are the agent for them. What can they learn from you? What makes you stand out from the rest? Inform and advise.

The Right Strategy – 5 Tips to Improve

Get your readers to subscribe: Create a call to action on each page of your blog. It can be a free eBook, a white paper, or a market report. The important thing is to offer something of value to your readers that will invite them to subscribe to your blog.

First hand experiences: Has a buyer or seller asked you a question recently? Answer that question on your blog. This is what’s on the minds of your readers.

Keep paragraphs short: People don’t have the time to read every word – they scan. Break up your content into smaller blocks; two to three lines. Anything else looks like work to your readers.

Geographically specific posts: Your clients and prospective clients want an agent in a specific area. An agent in California will not help a client wanting to sell in New York.Using your keywords carefully will draw the right clients to you.

Add headings: They will break up your page and make it readable.

Use these tips to improve the readability of your blogs, to place you in your reader’s minds as a top producing agent, and to share bits of information that will help them to make informed choices. You won’t be sorry.

More so in today’s internet conscious world, real estate agents have to present themselves as the agent who stands out from his/her competition.

Love blogging? That’s great! If not, contact us, we can help.

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