25 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Real Estate Marketing Ideas. Online marketing is more important than ever. Today’s buyers and sellers are searching online, and it follows that this is where marketing conscious real estate agents need to be.  Listing Marketing Create a single property website. Your clients will love the personal attention that their own properties’ website offers. Use professional […]

6 Tips to Managing Your Email

Email Management

Much of my work is delivered to my email inbox. It’s one of the first things that I check each day, because from there my entire day as a REVA (real estate virtual assistant) can change. Creating a solid email system that works is possible and will result in increased productivity. Use Your Subject Line […]

Wednesday’s Website Tips #16

A navigation bar that has too much going on is frustrating to your website visitors. They don’t know where to start to get information. On the other hand, carefully placed links are an invitation to keep on browsing a website. Clean Navigation Bars A home tab, while not necessary, is always a good idea. If […]